Austin's Notable Buildings: Now on Tinder

By: Emma Johnston

         Whether you’ve lived in Austin for a while or just watch reruns of Friday Night Lights, it’s hard to ignore the drastic changes in Austin’s skyline. Nine of the ten tallest buildings in Austin have been built in the last eight years alone. This unprecedented growth manifested in downtown buildings that all look the same. It is a skull-splitting monotony that can only be likened to the generic tide of humanity vying for attention on dating apps like Tinder. In Austin, the magic of teal glass towers and tan window wells has long worn off, just like bios of the guy who “majored in sarcasm” or who turns out to be a viral marketing campaign for an emerging tech company. You know these profiles: the mirror selfie; a picture of their cat or car; the picture with a blonde who’s prettier than you. You should know these buildings with their parking garage bases and rising lego towers with the same level exasperation. Here are the Tinder profiles of some of Austin’s tallest and newest buildings. Please, swipe left. 

Illustrations By: Bryant Ju