Anti-Fascist Fashion

Words by: Alana Brandt | Illustrations by: John Pesina  

The Seed Sewer

Fashion history smiles on prescience, so be a trendsetter in this beautiful tribute to a self-sufficient future. The seed sewer is a soft, sophisticated, anarcho-communist vision, perfect for day-wear. Pairs well with eau de water and the chant “they tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds.”

The Nuclear Nymph

Sport this atomic ensemble to wow your friends in contemplation of their, and human civilization’s, potential demise. The timelessly chic frame of the bomber jacket and bombshell of a mushroom-cloud hairdo personify fusion-forward relevance. Make sure to pair this look with the coldest expression, for though we’re no longer in the Cold War, our relationship with Russia is becoming increasingly and dangerously ambiguous – werk it, girl!

The Wall-Scaler

Dress for demolition with this barrier-breaking outfit. The Wall-Scaler, complete with grappling hook, protective goggles, and helmet, provides everything needed to crush, crumble, and transcend artificial borders both physical and psychological. This is no time for blending in, except in the case of camouflage clad trousers aimed at conscientious objection.

The Self-Sufficient Sun Sage

Sport this look to see through fake news and make it out here on your own. It features a solar panel shoulder pad which not only radicalizes one’s silhouette, it turns an outfit into an armor. Incidentally, these panels also serve as an energy source so that when the electricity grid falls apart and the sun remains our only resource, you’ll still have a ready supply of power. Pair the pads with alternative fact-checker google glass, which are reinforced with extra strong ultra-violet protection for the inevitable disappearance of our ozone layer.

The Fascist Fighter Femme

This iconic aesthetic takes the term “femme fatale” to a literal level. It features fishnet pantaloons that are actually comprised of super strong chain-links so that you're protected on the grind. Add an “avant-guard” gas mask which serves as an all purpose protest protector lest Trump's secret police force attempt to document your identity or spray you with tear gas. It comes with a sweet oxygen storage unit to ensure a supply of clean air for days.